Professional Technical Sales Organization



TeraComm is proud to represent the leading optical communications test products in the world offering the widest
breadth and most comprehensive solutions for optical communications test products to be found in one place.

• Innovative & Cost Effective Fiberoptic Test Solutions
• High Speed PER Meter 
• PER Measurement for Bare PM Fiber
• Linear Polarization Maximizer/Generator
• Optical Signal Processing Platform

• Optical/Protocol Transport Test (800G)
• CFP/CFP2/CFP4/QSFP+/QSFP28 Stress Test
• Optical Switching, Mfg. Lab Test
• Optical Field Test
• Fiber inspection and test

• Optical Vector Analyzer (OVA)
• High Resolution Backscatter  Reflectometers (OBR)

General Photonics Products:

• Polarization Controllers, Scramblers and Analyzers
• PMD & PDL generators and emulators
• OFDR-1000 Hi-Resolution Reflectometer

• NRZ & PAM Pattern Generators up to 128 GBaud (256 Gbps) per Channel
• Error Analyzers up to 128 Gbps NRZ and 58 GBaud PAM4
• Arbitrary Waveform Generators up to 60 GSa/s

• Custom RF over Fiber Solutions
• Examples include custom components, modules, and systems, customized functions, OEM products, and unique packaging for unusual footprint, small size, low power, outdoor environments, and harsh environments

• Fiber Lasers – CW and Pulsed: Green, 1064nm, 1550nm and 2000nm
• Amplifiers – CW and Pulsed: 1064nm, • C&L Band (SM, PM), 2000nm
• Broadband Sources – 1064nm, ASE, Raman, 2000nm

• High resolution optical spectrum analyzer 10 MHz & dynamic range > 80 dB, C, C+L, L Band
• Option 230 – Measure spectrally-resolved state of polarization
• BOSA Lite with 20 MHz & > 80 dB dynamic range

• Optical MEMS switches and VOAs
• Switches: SM, MM, 1xN and MxN
• 2-D Galvanometers
• Rackmount, benchtop and component

• Laser diode controllers

• Highly accurate laser diode drivers

• Temperature controllers

• Optical spectrum analyzers / 350nm-5.5um
• Wavelength meters
• Multi Application Test System (MATS) – Grid Tunable Laser, LD, Optical Switches, VOA, Optical Sensor

• WaveShaper Family (1ch – 16ch, S/C/L band)
• WaveAnalyzer – high resolution spectrum analyzer
• WaveShaper 1000/SP 1µm Programmable Single-Polarization Filter

• Wavelength Meters – fastest on the market
• Laser Spectrum Analyzers

• Optical Cross Connect Switches, non-blocking
• Compact form factor, SM and MM
• 4×4 up to 384×384 matrices available

• Tunable chromatic dispersion emulator, compensator
• Chromatic Dispersion Emulator (up to 45,000 ps/nm)
• Narrow line width tunable laser (<1 kHz)

• Optical Multi-Format Transmitter & Automatic Mach
• Zehnder BIAS Control
• Tunable lasers for C, L, C+L bands with narrow line widths
• Polarization maintaining multiplexer
• Optical DWDM decorrelator for XPolM and Coherent systems testing
• Low Cost Optical Spectrum Analyzer