Professional Technical Sales Organization

Directed Energy


Directed Energy Technology is ready to be deployed and laser weapons are among the most versatile weapons to emerge. No longer a science fiction construct – Laser weapons are here providing precise and effective force at the speed of light with minimal collateral damage in some of the most challenging of environments. We are proud to represent component and test equipment manufacturers that are making these systems a reality

Addressing the needs of those designing and manufacturing Laser Weapons System:

  • Providing Critical Components
  • Fiber Optic Test, Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment

The Challenges

• Size and weight
• Power
• Efficiency
• Beam Quality

The Capabilities We offer

• Solid State Fiber Lasers
• Phase Modulators for Combining Fiber lasers and CW laser
• CW lasers
• MPLC enabling efficient coherent source combining to achieve 1kW power
• Fiberoptic Components for system control
• Fiberoptic Test Equipment to support engineering and Manufacturing

• Innovative & Cost Effective Fiberoptic Test Solutions
• High Speed PER Meter 
• PER Measurement for Bare PM Fiber
• Linear Polarization Maximizer/Generator
• Optical Signal Processing Platform

• Fiberoptic cables, pigtails and terminations, (SM, MM, PM)

• Harsh Environments/Space and Military grade

• Vacuum Feedthrough and Low Outgassing Cables/Assemblies

• Custom Assemblies and Sevices (Polishing, connectorization, Splicing and Analysis

• Phase Modulators, specialty fiber

• 1060nm CW lasers, Polarization Controllers, Delay Lines,
• Hi-Res Reflectometers

• KTP crystal (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate)
• Used as a 1064nm/532nm harmonic generator (SHG)
• Used as an OPO gain medium for eye-safe emission

• Laser diode controllers

• Highly accurate laser diode drivers

• Temperature controllers

• Modulators, Lenses, PCF

• Fiber lasers

• Optical Spectrum Analyzers from 350nm – 5.5µm

• Fiberoptic Test Platform, Fiber Inspection and Cleaning Tools

• 1060nm CW lasers, µMOPA