Professional Technical Sales Organization

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an imaging technique that provides high resolution, non-destructive,
in situ, real-time reflectivity profiling of non-absorptive samples. Medical applications include noninvasive ophthalmological
Imaging, endoscopic gastrointestinal tract imaging and 3D cardiovascular imaging.

Providing critical components, equipment and manufacturing services for OCT:

  • Standard and Customized Components
  • Test equipment to ensure system performance
  • Manufacturing Services for sub-assemblies and
    complete systems

The Challenges

• Identifying and Minimizing Reflections in system design
• Precise measurement and control of path lengths
• Polarization Control
• Detection with low noise
• Maintaining Linearity at the source
• Complex optical sub-assemblies

The Capabilities We offer

• Equipment to pinpoint reflective events within a module or a component
• Custom Motorized Delay Lines and Precise Reflectometers
• Polarization Controllers – manual and motorized
• High Speed balanced Photodetectors
• K-CLocks for highly linear sweeps
• Manufacturing services for complex optical assemblies and sub-assemblies
• Complete suite of fiber-optic test and inspection equipment to support engineering and production

• Innovative & Cost Effective Fiberoptic Test Solutions
• High Speed PER Meter 
• PER Measurement for Bare PM Fiber
• Linear Polarization Maximizer/Generator
• Optical Signal Processing Platform

• Wideband Optical Couplers and Collimators
• Variable Optical Delay Lines
• Polarization Diverse Receiver
• Manufacturing and Design Services for OCT sub-assemblies

• High Performance Collimators
• Complete Line of Passive Optical Components
• Manufacturing and Design Services for OCT sub-assemblies

• Modular Fiberoptic Test Platform (Switches, OSA, OPMs, VOAs, Polarization Controller, Filters and Lasers)
• Optical Field Test
• Fiber inspection and test

• Wavelength Meters: fastest on the market, DWDM, Multi-wavelength with 0.3pm Accuracy
• Laser Wavelength Meters covering 350nm to 12um
• Laser Spectrum Analyzers: 375nm to 12um, 2Ghz spectral resolution, high wavelength accuracy

• Laser diode controllers

• Highly accurate laser diode drivers

• Temperature controllers

• Polarization Controllers
• Variable Optical Delay Lines –small form factor
• Balanced Photodetectors – low noise
• K-Clock
• Optical Vector Analyzer for component characterization and qualification
• Optical Backscatter Reflectometer – for precise RL and distance to fault measurements
• Manufacturing and Design Services for OCT sub-assemblies

• Optical spectrum analyzers / 350nm-5.5um
• Wavelength meters
• Multi Application Test System (MATS) – Tunable Laser, LD, Switches, VOA, Optical Sensor

• Leading Manufacturer of Spectrometers and MicroSpectrometers

• Wavelength Range Coverage is 180nm – 2500nm
• Hi-Resolution, Hi-Sensitivity, TE Cooled
• Strong HW and SW support

• Custom sensing and spectroscopy solutions