Professional Technical Sales Organization



From the heavens to the ocean floor, TeraComm is proud to represent leading manufacturers with experience, expertise and a track record of delivering solutions capable of withstanding the harshest of environments

Applications we address:

  • Satellite Communications
  • Undersea Communications

The Challenges

• Demanding FIT Rates in harsh environments • Lot Unicity requirements • Finding vendors with experience in SubSea and Space

The Capabilities We offer

• Hi-Rel components designed for SubSea and Space applications • Active and Passive components deployed in Space and SubSea • Optical Amplifier Modules deployed in Space and SubSea • Lasers, receivers, modulators, drivers, FBGs, couplers, delay lines, SDMs, MEMS mirrors, and interferometers • Free Space Technology able to withstand harsh environments

• MEMS based Optical Components
MEMS Mirrors
Tunable Filters

• GaAs Modulators – ideal for aerospace and satellite applications
• Broadband and IQ Modulators up to 60GHz

Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology (MPLC) 

• RTP Pockels Cell, RTP pairs, RTP modulator

• Space- and defense qualified assembly process and hardware