Professional Technical Sales Organization

LiDAR, Range Finding and Target Designation


LiDar, Range Finding and Target Designators all rely on lasers and detectors to ”see, guide and measure” at the speed of light.
Autonomous vehicles, drones and advanced weapons and systems are demanding applications fueling the demand for high
quality lasers, detectors and the equipment needed to design and test these systems.

Providing critical components and test equipment
for these applications:

  • LiDar for Autonomous Vehicles and Drones
  • Advanced Range Finding systems
  • Target Designators for Missile Defense and Weapon Systems

The Challenges

• Power and efficiency
• Environmental Conditions
• Precise Beam forming
• Detection

The Capabilities We offer

• High Power Solid State Laser Diodes – low cost and efficient
• Fiber Lasers for long range and high power applications
• KTP Crystals for Eye-Safe Range Finding
• Beam shaping
• Coherent Detection
• Quality passive components for system integration
• Solutions offered in 900nm, 1064nm and 1550nm
• Complete suite of test equipment to support engineering and production

• Laser diode controllers

• Highly accurate laser diode drivers

• Temperature controllers

• Fiberoptic cables, pigtails and terminations, (SM, MM, PM)

• Harsh Environments/Space and Military grade

• Vacuum Feedthrough and Low Outgassing Cables/Assemblies

• Custom Assemblies and Services (Polishing, connectorization, Splicing and Analysis)


• RIO High Power – Low RIN Lasers
• 1064nm and 1550nm
• Polarization Diversity Detectors

• 905nm Broad Area Lasers

• 1064nm DFB

• Fiber Lasers – CW and Pulsed: Green, 1064nm, 1550nm and 2000nm
• Amplifiers – CW and Pulsed: 1064nm, C&L Band (SM, PM), 2000nm
• Broadband Sources – 1064nm, ASE, Raman, 2000nm

• DFB Lasers and Modulators
• Fused Couplers
• Polarization Diverse Receivers

• 90 degree Hybrids for Coherent Detection

• High Performance Collimators
• Complete Line of Passive Optical Components

• KTP crystal (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate)
• Used as a 1064nm/532nm harmonic generator (SHG)
• Used as an OPO gain medium for eye-safe emission

• Optical spectrum analyzers / 350nm-5.5um
• Wavelength meters
• Multi Application Test System (MATS) – Tunable Laser, LD, Switches, VOA, Optical Sensor

• Optical Switching, Mfg. Lab Test
• Optical Field Test
• Fiber inspection and test

• Wavelength Meters: fastest on the market, DWDM, Multi-wavelength with 0.3pm Accuracy
• Laser Wavelength Meters covering 350nm to 12um
• Laser Spectrum Analyzers: 375nm to 12um, 2Ghz spectral resolution, high wavelength accuracy

• WaveShaper Family of Products (1ch – 16ch, C/L band) and WSS modules
• WaveAnalyzer – high resolution spectrum analyzer
• WaveShaper 1000/SP 1µm Programmable Single-Polarization Filter
• 40G – 100Ghz Detectors

• MEMS based Optical Components
• Switches: Latching (SM, PM) 1×2, 2×2, 1×4
• Non-Latching (SM, MM ): 1×2, 2×2, up to 1×1,116, 16×16 OCX
• Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) – 1,2,4 or 8 channels (Fast, low IL, low PDL)

• High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzers – 10Mhz!
• Phase and Amplitude for Complex Modulation Analysis
• PDL, PMD analysis from your OSA

• Tunable lasers for C, L, C+L bands with narrow line widths
• Polarization maintaining multiplexer
• Low Cost Optical Spectrum Analyzer – C-Band

• High-performance FPGA based Ethernet Test and Monitoring solutions

• Supports all speeds up to 25GbE including Automotive speeds, SGMII, and USXGMII

• Layer 2/3 Traffic Generators/Analyzers

• Network Impairment (WAN) Emulators

• Inline Packet Capture Analyzers with 1 ns precision time-stamping