Professional Technical Sales Organization

Optical Transport / DataComm


TeraComm is proud to represent the leading network and fiberoptic test and measurement companies in the world. We offer
solutions for testing and verification for new high-speed network elements across a wide range of technologies and scenarios.
Our test platforms help manufacturers scale to meet the growth demands of network-driven services, while accounting for
ever-evolving technology.

Solutions at the Network Layer and Physical Layer:

  • Transport Test Solutions from 10M to 800G+
  • From Ethernet Port Loading to Deep Analysis including FEC
  • Support for Ethernet, SONET/SDH, FC, CPRI, OTN, FlexE, and FlexO
  • Comprehensive Test Solutions for the PHY Layer and Up

The Challenges

• Ever increasing Data Rates
• Performance Test Requirements
• New Standards continue to emerge
• Narrower Wavelength Spacings
• Test and Inspection @ PHY

The Capabilities We offer

• Support for Layers 1, 2, & 3 from 10Mbps to 800Gbps
• Port Loading up to 144 Ports
• PHY L1/L2 (up to 100G PAM4), Transponder Test, and Multi-Services SVT (Ethernet, FlexE, FlexO)
• Support for 400G CFP2-DCO, QSFP-DD, 400G ZR, QSFP-DD800, & OSFP800
• High Resolution OSAs
• Complete Suite of Test and Inspection tools for the Optical Layer and Fiber Optic Links

• Optical/Protocol Transport Test (1G up to 800G)
• L1/L2/L3 Support – Dynamic Skew, PCS/FEC Testing, 100G Electrical
• 400G CFP2-DCO, QSFP-DD, 400G ZR, QSFP-DD800 & OSFP800
• Multi-Services SVT – 400G Ethernet and beyond, OTUCn/FlexO , FlexE/SPN
• Optical Switching, OPMs, VOAs, Sources, etc. – Mfg. and Lab Testing
• Optical Field Test (OPMs, RL, OTDRs)
• Fiber inspection and cleaning

• NRZ & PAM Pattern Generators up to 128 GBaud (256 Gbps) per Channel
• Error Analyzers up to 128 Gbps NRZ and 58 GBaud PAM4
• Arbitrary Waveform Generators up to 60 GSa/s
• Multiplexers (MUX) & Demultiplexers (DEMUX) up to 128 Gbps
• Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) up to 128 GBaud (256 Gbps)

• Optical spectrum analyzers / 350nm-5.5um
• Wavelength meters
• Multi Application Test System (MATS) – Tunable Laser, LD, Switches, VOA, Optical Sensor

• WaveShaper Family of Products (1ch – 16ch, C/L band) and WSS modules
• WaveAnalyzer – high resolution spectrum analyzer
• WaveShaper 1000/SP 1µm Programmable Single-Polarization Filter

• Optical Backscatter Reflectometers (OBR): 10 um resolution (Bench-top and Portable)
• General Photonics and NewRidge Products:
• Polarization Controllers, Scramblers and Analyzers
• PMD & PDL generators and emulators

• Laser diode controllers

• Highly accurate laser diode drivers

• Temperature controllers

• Tunable chromatic dispersion emulator, compensator
• Chromatic Dispersion Emulator (up to 45,000 ps/nm)

• Wavelength Meters: fastest on the market, DWDM, Multi-wavelength with 0.3pm Accuracy
• Laser Wavelength Meters covering 350nm to 12um
• Laser Spectrum Analyzers: 375nm to 12um, 2Ghz spectral resolution, high wavelength accuracy

• High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzers – 10Mhz!
• Passive Component Tester
• Phase and Amplitude for Complex Modulation Analysis
• PDL, PMD analysis from your OSA

• Amplifiers – CW and Pulsed: 1064nm, C&L Band (SM, PM), 2000nm
• Broadband Sources – 1064nm, ASE, Raman, 2000nm

• MEMS based Optical Components
• Switches: Latching (SM, PM) 1×2, 2×2, 1×4
• Non-Latching (SM, MM ): 1×2, 2×2, up to 1×1,116, 16×16 OCX
• Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) – 1,2,4 or 8 channels (Fast, low IL, low PDL)

• Tunable lasers for C, L, C+L bands with narrow line widths
• Polarization maintaining multiplexer
• Low Cost Optical Spectrum Analyzer – C-Band