Professional Technical Sales Organization


representING the leading fiberoptic test and measurement COMPANIES

TeraComm is proud to represent the leading fiberoptic test and measurement companies in the world offering the
widest breadth and most comprehensive solutions for fiberoptic component and cable test to be found in one place.

Typical Applications we address:

  • Passives: FBG, ROADMs, WSSs, Attn, FILTERS and
    Splitters, switches
  • Actives: Lasers, EDFAs, YDFAs, Fiber-lasers, Receivers
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Comm Modules:  SFPs, XFPs, QSFP-DD, CFPx, OSFP

The Challenges

• Port Counts are increasing
• Data Rates increasing
• Resolution requirements are narrowing
• Wavelength Ranges are expanding
• Polarization dependent devices
• Containing Cost of Test

The Capabilities We offer

• Optical Cross Connects and Multi-Channel Testers up  to 256 channels
• Modular and expandable Test Platforms (switches,   OPMs,  VOAs, OSA, Filters and Pol Controllers)
• Programmable Filters and Tunable Lasers
• Support for leading edge PAM4 and 800G modules
• Hi-Res OSAs, Wavelength Meters  and Hi-Res  Reflectometers
• Solutions Covering 350nm to 12µm
• Polarization control, measurement and PM Solutions
• Distributed Test through Amplification and Switching
• Improved measurement speeds

• Innovative & Cost Effective Fiberoptic Test Solutions
• High Speed PER Meter 
• PER Measurement for Bare PM Fiber
• Linear Polarization Maximizer/Generator
• Optical Signal Processing Platform

• Fiberoptic cables, pigtails and terminations, (SM, MM, PM

• Harsh Environments/Space and Military grade

• Vacuum Feedthrough and Low Outgassing Cables/Assemblies

• Custom Assemblies and Services (Polishing, connectorization, Splicing and Analysis)

• Optical spectrum analyzers / 350nm-5.5um
• Wavelength meters
• Multi Application Test System (MATS) – Tunable Laser, LD, Switches, VOA, Optical Sensor OTDRs, OTLS

• Optical Vector Analyzer (OVA)
• High Resolution Backscatter Reflectometers (OBR)

General Photonics & Newridge Products:
• Polarization Controllers, Scramblers and Analyzers
• PMD & PDL generators and emulators
• OFDR-1000 Hi-Resolution Reflectometer

• WaveShaper Family of Products (1ch – 16ch, C/L band) and WSS modules
• WaveAnalyzer – high resolution spectrum analyzer
• WaveShaper 1000/SP 1µm Programmable Single-Polarization Filter

• Fiber Lasers – CW and Pulsed: Green, 1064nm, 1550nm and 2000nm
• Amplifiers – CW and Pulsed: 1064nm, C&L Band (SM, PM), 2000nm
• Broadband Sources – 1064nm, ASE, Raman, 2000nm

• High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzers – 10Mhz!
• Passive Component Tester
• Phase and Amplitude for Complex Modulation Analysis
• PDL, PMD analysis from your OSA

• Leading Manufacturer of Spectrometers and MicroSpectrometers

• Wavelength Range Coverage is 180nm – 2500nm
• Hi-Resolution, Hi-Sensitivity, TE Cooled
• Strong HW and SW support

• Custom sensing and spectroscopy solutions

• Optical/Protocol Transport Test (800G)
• CFP/CFP2/CFP4/QSFP+/QSFP28 Stress Test
• Optical Switching, Mfg. Lab Test
• Optical Field Test
• Fiber inspection and test

• Laser diode controllers

• Highly accurate laser diode drivers

• Temperature controllers

• Wavelength Meters: fastest on the market, DWDM, Multi-wavelength with 0.3pm Accuracy
• Laser Wavelength Meters covering 350nm to 12um
• Laser Spectrum Analyzers: 375nm to 12um, 2Ghz spectral resolution, high wavelength accuracy

• NRZ & PAM Pattern Generators up to 128 GBaud (256 Gbps) per Channel
• Error Analyzers up to 128 Gbps NRZ and 58 GBaud PAM4
• Arbitrary Waveform Generators up to 60 GSa/s

• MEMS based Optical Components
• Switches: Latching (SM, PM) 1×2, 2×2, 1×4
• Non-Latching (SM, MM ): 1×2, 2×2, up to 1×1,116, 16×16 OCX
• Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) – 1,2,4 or 8 channels (Fast, low IL, low PDL)

• SerDes Tester and BERT Functions, Pattern Generator Functions
• 8 or 32 lanes, up to 32 Gbps NRZ & 56Gbps PAM4
• Handheld form-factor, USB Controlled, Software-Defined

• Optical Multi-Format Transmitter & Automatic Mach
• Zehnder BIAS Control
• Tunable lasers for C, L, C+L bands with narrow line widths
• Polarization maintaining multiplexer
• Optical DWDM decorrelator for XPolM and Coherent systems testing
• Low Cost Optical Spectrum Analyzer

• High-performance FPGA based Ethernet Test and Monitoring solutions

• Supports all speeds up to 25GbE including Automotive speeds, SGMII, and • USXGMII 

• Layer 2/3 Traffic Generators/Analyzers

• Network Impairment (WAN) Emulators

• Inline Packet Capture Analyzers with 1 ns precision time-stamping