Professional Technical Sales Organization

MIPI / I3C / Display Port

INdustry leading and comprehensive PHY AND PROTOCOL Test SOLUTIONS

From autonomous vehicles to medical imaging to the internet of things (IoT) and the meta verse 

MIPI and Display Port are enabling technologies that make this all possible. We are pleased to offer solutions that address these

applications from the semiconductor to system level design, characterization, validation and production test.

Test solutions for the Protocol and PHY:

  • MIPI C-PHY, D-PHY, I3C, Display Port and embedded Display Port
  • Complete Physical Layer characterization with Stress
  • Protocol Layer including training
  • Deep tool set in support of CSI-2 and DSI-2

The Challenges

• Extremely High Data Rates
• Complex State machines – I3C
• Large Channel Counts
• Complex Protocols
• Tight Coupling between PHY and Protocol Layers
• Demanding PHY level conformance tests
• Large Number of virtual channels

The Capabilities We offer

• Up to 26Gbps support
• Device emulation of masters, slaves, or multi-mode end points
• True parallel test platform, per lane skew, jitter and voltage control
• Complete Support of Protocol and PHY layers
• Complete Set of Conformance Test Suites
• Complete support for advanced CSI-2 features in versions 1.3, 2.0, 2.1, and upcoming versions

• Generators and Analyzers for:
• Display Port, eDP, MIPI C-PHY, D-PHY
• Frame Grabbers for MIPI
• MIPI to HDMI Converter
• Testers for Deep Analysis or Verification
• I3C Protocol Exercisers
• Parallel Probing solutions up to 8GHz
• Supporting Clock forwarded and embedded clock applications