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Semiconductor Test


Enabling unprecedented technological innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing, the semiconductor industry is experiencing a rapid shift in its development landscape. Such landscape is characterized by a dramatic increase in process steps during both the design and the manufacturing phases. It is also characterized by a sharp reduction in development schedules and a reliance on multiple disciplines and hybrid technologies. Our partners are in a unique position to address the test, characterization and validation requirements throughout the process – from initial design to production test.

Solutions We Offer:

  • Boundary Scan for Test and Validation
  • Hi-Speed, Highly Parallel, Protocol Aware SerDes Test Solutions for ATE or the Bench
  • Framed and un-Framed solutions for emerging Ethernet Standards (400G, 800G, PAM4)
  • Solutions for emerging display and memory interfaces: MIPI, DisplayPort, DDRx and I3C

The Challenges

• Traditional ATE Systems can’t test “at speed” for today’s semiconductors
• Complex IP blocks need to be validated prior to Mfg
• Limited access to expensive equipment is a bottleneck in the Design and Validation Process
• FW and SW is a critical aspect of today’s semiconductors and needs to be exercised fully requiring a robust tester and automation tools
• Rapid volume ramps and complex designs demand capable and cost effective test solutions

The Capabilities We offer

• Hi-Speed, High Channel Count test solutions to augment traditional  ATE Systems for “at-speed” testing

• Electrical Speeds up to 256Gbps

• Testers capable of exercising and validating today’s complex IP blocks

• Capable and Cost Effective Test Solutions allowing for parallel deployment

• Testing for today’s Hi-Speed Communication and Interface Protocols:

• Ethernet, 400GE, 800GE, PAM4, MIPI, CSI, DSI, DisplayPort, DDRx, PCIe, I3C

ONT-800: Multi-protocol, multi-port  for lab and production testing

Optical/Protocol Transport Test (800G)

L1/L2 Support – Dynamic Skew, PCS / FEC Stress Testing, 100G Electrical

400G CFP2-DCO, QSFP-DD 400ZR, QSFP-DD800 & OSFP800 Stress Test

Multi-Services SVT – 400G Ethernet and beyond, OTUCn / FlexO , FlexE / SPN

• Testers for these application areas:

MIPI Physical Layers

MIPI Camera and Imaging

MIPI Display and Touch

DDR Memory Interfaces

PCI Express

MIPI Control and Data



SerDes (BERTS) up to 32 channels up to 56Gbs

•  System Level Solutions

D-Series – Modules for integration with ATE

M-Series – Massively Parallel Solution up to 112 Tx and Rx Ch

• World Leader in 1149.1 Boundary Scan Test and Programming Solutions

• Controllers available in: PXI, PCI, VXI, USB, Firewire and Ethernet

• Flash, PLD and CPLD programming via boundary scan

High-performance FPGA based Ethernet Test and Monitoring solutions

Supports all speeds up to 25GbE including Automotive speeds, SGMII, and USXGMII

Layer 2/3 Traffic Generators/Analyzers

Network Impairment (WAN) Emulators

Inline Packet Capture Analyzers with 1 ns precision time-stamping