Professional Technical Sales Organization



TeraComm is pleased to Represent some of the industry leaders in the areas of fiberoptic, electro- optic and rf/fiber products along side new and emerging companies providing innovative solutions for what comes next.

• Fiberoptic cables, pigtails and terminations, (SM, MM, PM)

• Harsh Environments/Space and Military grade

• Vacuum Feedthrough and Low Outgassing Cables/Asemblies

• Custom Assemblies and Services (Polishing, connectorization, Splicing and Analysis)

• 40-100GHz Photodetectors and Receivers, Single Ended and Balanced
• Integrated Balanced Receivers, DPSK, DQPSK, Coherent Solutions
• Optical Transceivers
• Optical Amplifiers
• Wavelength Management Components (ROADMS, WSS)

• Highly Linear and Low Noise Tunable Laser
• Fiber Fabry-Perot Tunable Filters

General Photonics Products:

• Polarization Control, Scramble and Tracker Modules
• Polarization Switch and State Generator modules
• OCT modules and components (MDL, PD, Couplers etc.)
• Fiber Coils for FOG applications

RIO products:

• Ultra-narrow linewidth, low noise laser diodes & modules

• 1550nm & 1064nm, up to 2W power, PM/SM fiber
• CW & FM modulation (up to 200 MHz)

• Low noise, high stability, highest reliability

• LiNb03 Modulators: Phase, Intensity and Polarization
• Switches and Scramblers up to 40GHz, 780nm – 2µm
• Modulator Drivers and Bias Controllers
• Reference/Analog Optical • Transmitters
• Sub-nanosecond Optical Pulse Shapers

• Optical MEMS switches and VOAs
• Switches: SM, MM, 1xN and MxN
• 2-D Galvanometers
• Rackmount, benchtop and component

• Tunable chromatic dispersion emulator, compensator
• Chromatic Dispersion Emulator (up to 45,000 ps/nm)
• Narrow line width tunable laser (<1 kHz)

• Smart Power for optical components
• Multi-channel Voltage/Current sources
• Channel Counts from 8 to 120 channels

• Laser diode controllers

• Highly accurate laser diode drivers

• Temperature controllers

• Ridge Waveguide Lasers 10mw-300mw: life sciences, bio-analytics, spectroscopy
• Broad Area Lasers 1W-7W for: solid state pumping, material processing, medical and R&D
• Tapered Lasers from 730nm-1083nm
• DFB & DBR Lasers from 760nm-1083nm

• Fiber-Q™ Modulators and Drivers
• DFB Lasers and Modules
• Fiber Coupled Pump Laser
• Fused Fiber Optic Components

• RF-over-Fiber Experts
• Analog fiber optic transmitters and receivers to >60 GHz
• Standard and Custom PD to >60GHz
• Antenna Remoting Solutions 
• Custom RF over Fiber Solutions

• Broadband RF & Microwave Amplifiers up to 70 GHz
• RF Switches, Filters and Attenuators
• Frequency Dividers & Multipliers
• Bias Tees and DC Blocks up to 110 GHz
• RF & Microwave Connectors and Cables up to 110 GHz

• Fiber Lasers – CW and Pulsed: Green, 1064nm, 1550nm and 2000nm
• Amplifiers – CW and Pulsed: 1064nm, • C&L Band (SM, PM), 2000nm
• Broadband Sources – 1064nm, ASE, Raman, 2000nm

• GaAs Modulators – ideal for aerospace and satellite applications
• Broadband and IQ Modulators up to 60GHz

• Non-Linear optics- LBO, KTP, KTA, RTP Crystals
• Electro-optics – RTP:Pockels Cells, Pairs Modulator